Forever an Overcast Kid

Music is eternal to me. I go through my phases with practically every genre, but they then become the soundtrack to my memories and certain bands will forever hold a soft spot for me. If I could only name one band to sing the soundtrack to my life, it would be Fall Out Boy.

Folie à deux changed me and saved me. I’ve been a fan since Take This to Your Grave, but when I was first going through my separation there was something about all the songs on FaD that just called to me, comforted me and got me through the worst of it. During that first year I must have bought the CD at least six times to hand out to friends. In my opinion, it was one of those albums that everyone needed to own.

I wore myself down on it and I didn’t pay much attention when the band decided to go on hiatus. It happens, I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Panic! at the Disco had split in two. The Killers as well had already gone on hiatus. So it just seemed like that era of my musical life was just slowly coming to an end.

It’s slowly taken time for me to realize that FOB is back. The Killers coming back didn’t have much of an impact on me either. I bought Flamingo, I enjoyed it. Didn’t feel so kindly about Battle Born for months, and there’s still really only three songs on it that I like and the rest I just skip and avoid. Even Vices & Virtues from Panic! took some getting used to. I enjoy it thoroughly, and I think I like it even more that Pretty.Odd. minus “Northern Downpour”, which will always hold a special place to me due to certain aspects of my marriage. So, when it was announced that FOB was back and they released, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” — also, can I make a side note at both Panic and FOB enjoyment of ridiculously long song titles?, I thought well it sounds like Fall Out Boy, but my expectations were that it was going to be a great one off, just like “Runaways” was for Battle Born and “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” was, for awhile to me, from Vices & Virtues.

I loved “The Phoenix” as well passionately, but it hit me today, Fall Out Boy is back. They released “Young Volcanoes” this morning, it is incredible and to me is going to be the summer song of ’13. It’s a song that just feels like summer. Bonfires with friends, the ocean, good beer. Relaxation and not giving a fuck about what anyone outside your bubble thinks. And, just like FaD, FOB is writing songs that make me feel life. I can’t listen to “MSKWYDITD” or “The Phoenix” without wanting to run, get my blood pumping and flowing with a wind down to “Young Volcanoes”. I really can’t wait to hear what’s on the rest of the album, because it’s been so long since a band has made me feel so many emotions through song. I’ve never felt more proud to have my Clandestine Industry tattoo.


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