Filler For Procrastination

My plans for Easter turned out to be more than just vegging out on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, so I again missed updating in exchange for going out and living life rather than writing about it. I’ve also realized that I can sit here doing nothing but reading mind numbing websites about 26 mind blowing facts about every day products or in a wikiloop about Richard III (I dare you to not start clicking on all those little blue links) and no one online will bug me. The moment that I sit down to type for my blog, everyone instant messages, tweets, facebook messages or texts me at once.

This is why, on day one of this blogging for a month challenge, I’m already struggling. There are too many things to distract me and as great of an app that Writeroom is, it still doesn’t stop certain notifications from popping up. It’s impossible to turn off the little notif that shows up on my screen every fifteen minutes to remind me that there’s an new software update for Mountain Lion. I swipe it away. Fifteen minutes later, it’s back and I’ve lost my train of thought. This “Drunk Betch Anthems” 8tracks playlist isn’t helping either. Hold a moment, I need to switch to something instrumental…

… There, that’s a little better. I was going to write part two of my experience of Friday. I will get there. That’s one thing to expect from me, nothing to ever be exactly what I say it will be. Too many ideas flow through my head. This entry alone is filler, because I can’t wrap my mind around the thoughts that I have on a few things that have transpired this weekend and things that are approaching next weekend.

I’m waiting to see if I can get a particular job. Next weekend will be spent dealing with my ex husband so I can see my daughter. I started talking to a fairly incredible person last night that has my mind in a complete jumble and I have my first book assignment for this Book Club that I’ve joined: Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I’ve also started a recommendation by said incredible person, We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. I’m getting ready to make myself comfortable and cozy to plink away at these two which is sounding more appealing right now than typing anything at all.

Then there’s always TV that distracts me. I’m on episode four of the first season of Miranda, and I’ve fallen in love with that show. I still have Love/Hate to get through. There’s a new version of Labyrinth that just aired which I’ll be watching with my mom soon. I still haven’t seen last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. It’s beckoning to me and I just keep pushing away the thoughts of television so I can focus on something more productive.

Along with this blogging idea, I’ve started writing the Zombie play that J wanted me to write for him. I take that back. I haven’t actually started it. I’m procrastinating from starting it by writing this entry. But, now that I have Celtx, I’ve decided why not? I got the hang of what I was doing on our last project, why not try to do it all on my own this time and see what comes of it? So two books to read, a blog to update daily, a script to finish for campnanowrimo. New friends and time with my family. Hopefully, I new job. I’ve got a lot coming up. It’s so easy to proscrastinate from life with so much going on.

I will try and finish Friday’s story up tomorrow, but I make no promises. I may just skip ahead and talk about Easter. Something may happen in the next 12 hours that will make me forget all about it to begin with. Life is unpredictable like that, so is blogging.


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