A Guinness, Longboard and Devine Intervention. Part 1

photo-2I felt French last night. I’m getting used to using the nickname, Elle. It suits me. I’m embracing my post three and a half beer hang over– I’m a light weight, and enjoying the annoyances of the grogginess and a lack of wanting to do anything but sleep because I know it’s following one of the best night I’ve had in a really long time.

One of the things I appreciate most in life are the little moments that seem to come together by fate. It brings so much hope that anything can happen. I went out with a friend that I have known a majority of my life. She hasn’t had the best luck in love and following a conversation with her boyfriend about taking a break, I was glad that she asked me to hang out so we could go do something and it’d help get her mind off the whole situation.

We went to the sex shop Fascinations off Mill and I thought our time in that store would give me enough to write about here. I love overhearing conversation or the single serving moments you share with strangers. My friend and I were looking at the different S&M items as I took stock in my mind what they had verses what Castle Boutique carries, and a couple walked into the back with us. He started checking out a fleshlight.

His girlfriend got pissed, “You don’t need one of those, You have my pussy.”

Another stranger who was hanging out in the backroom with us tried to get the girlfriend to loosen up a bit, “It’s for those long hours you work and you’re not home.”

Girlfriend didn’t like that so much. We wandered into the strap ons and dildos, making jokes about how the girlfriend could get a strap on and show him how to be a man. We weren’t overheard by her, but I had to give a lesson on pegging to two girls who seemed confused by the whole idea of a strap on in a heterosexual situation. Sometimes, I’m concerned by the vast amount of knowledge I know about things. Granted, most of it comes from research for my writing.

Mill was fairly dead for a Friday night, forgetting that it was Good Friday. We were kindly reminded by the reinactment of the crucifixtion across the street from the Hippie Gypsy. With Jesus reaching out while two boys who looked like they were going to a Greek frat party in their historically innacurate Roman costumes, it took every ounce of decency in me to not start mocking.

One of the street evangicals got into it with another guy who they were forcing fliers at. The dude said that he already had Jesus in his heart.

“If you had Jesus in your heart, you’d be here with us trying to get the message across,” came the reply.

It made the guy stop and turn around. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more annoyed, but it was clear that he was trying to be as polite about it as he could be as he gave a response that caused me to clap as I walked past. He said, paraphrasing, “I don’t need to force my beliefs down the throats of other people to prove that I love God. He knows what’s in my heart and it’s unchristian to harass people and judge them as they walk past you when you don’t know anything about them or where they’re from.”

This would’ve been all I wrote, because it was a quiet night, otherwise, but then something strange happened that made me think about fate and destiny again. We were hanging out while I was smoking a cigarette and listening to the Classic rock coming out of one of the other bars across the Street. Journey was blaring and I was just taking in the atmosphere.

The boyfriend in question, the one who needed a break and was the catalyst for our girls night out happened to walk into one of the other bars. My friend hemmed and hawed over whether or not she wanted to follow him in. They were on a break. A no contact rule for a week, but she felt urged to go in and I supported her. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Maybe he’d be upset. It could be a little awkward. If it went sour, we could leave and go find somewhere else to be. They reconciled. It was like we were meant to be there on that side of the street, her catching him as he walked in when Mill Ave is one of the busiest streets for entertainment in Tempe.

We decided to call it a night fairly early, around 10:30pm and on the way back, my friend called her boyfriend’s sister-in-law to see if she wanted to hang out. I thought about it for awhile on the ride back home, did I want to just go in, update here about the sex shop and running into the boyfriend or did I want to meet someone new? Have a new experience? Everything in me kept telling me, just go with her. I need to start saying yes to more in life and try new things so I went with her. I’ll conclude with the rest of the evening tomorrow, because this is where the night really got started.


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