Reading While Writing.

Two updates in a row. It’s because I have this application for my phone, honestly. I can lay here in bed and type this before I fall asleep. This is how I predict many of my entries will be.

I just got excited and had to update because I joined a book group. This probably doesn’t sound extreme to you nor would it warrant a 3:30 am update from most people but its a step on the right direction for structure for me.

As a start to pull away from journaling rp at insane journal where writing now consists to most people of updating with photos from tumblr and asking the same mundane questions that don’t provide any character development, I’m finding myself with more time on my hands. I could do with some good reading. I haven’t finished a book since A Clash of Kings last year. I’m half way through the next one but I had to stop so that I’m not screaming at the tv and HBO for their butchery of the original text. I will finish it after the season ends which means I have room for new books and its the perfect time, right before a new month to join a book club.

Can’t wait to see what April brings me. In other news, I may be going out with a friend tomorrow night. Will update.


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