Music For Ducks

ImageThat seemed like the best title for this epic play list that I’m slowly putting together. It’s a distraction from writing really. I’m good at finding any way out of it that I can. In fact, I’ve got this popped up on my WriteRoom screen and I’m still starting at an email pop up in the corner of my screen letting me know that I have something to respond to and it seems more intriguing than typing up this entry. This is why I have no choice but to try and focus something like CampNanoWrimo on a blog of sorts. If I can write a 1,700 word entry a day in a blog, then maybe I can start getting into a better habit of jotting down the things I go through.

Especially lately, I’ve been going through a lot of things with my friends or just in my day to day that I say if worded right, this would be something people would want to hear about. Then I get distracted or I get high and I forget to write it down and then the sweetest parts of those memories are lost. Just something as small as the picture of that duck on my play list.

It was the first meeting with my ex husband and my daughter I’d really had since I moved back to Arizona from Pennyslvania. We took the girls to the park and they got excited about the ducks. That one stood out. He had a punky hair do. Probably caused by other ducks picking on him, to be honest. Ducks are vicious creatures, particularly when it comes to mating. I wanted that duck in a picture so he’d be forever remembered. Just like I want my memories to go somewhere.

It’s also an exercise to help me with my fictional work as well. Writing daily is supposed to help against writer’s block. I’ve been stuck in something of a sophomore slump after I finished my first book series. I hate everything that I wrote in November. I started with one idea and scrapped it (saved it of course), then started over again and absolutely can’t stand the 50,000 words of uselessness I wrote. Out of all of it, there’s only maybe two scenes I’ll actually use in my final work so it means another rewrite for a story that’s already had three. Before I give up completely on my main character, I want to try and change the way I approach writing and see if that helps me tell his story better. I’ve been trying something new with it anyway, since I’ve decided on first person. This is the perfect exercise. If I can get through this story I’ve already spent three and a half years working on, then maybe I can go back to my first idea from November and put in the time and research to complete it as well, but not until I finish with Asher.

I don’t know how successful this will be. There’s a chance that I’ll forget all about it before April even starts, but I’ve got tools to help me. I’ve got the WordPress app and I’ve recently downloaded Carrot, the to-do list that insults you when you don’t do the things on your list. I also have a couple friends here in town who have or are doing the challenge too that can keep me motivated and remind me.

It isn’t my only work next month, however, as I’ve also accepted the challenge to write a zombie play that can perhaps be put on at the high school level. My business partner, J came up with a story that I helped him type out that he’s piching for the drama department at Chandler High. If it gets accepted, then maybe it’s something that can be done in the fall. If it’s a success, then he wants to go another step further and try it with a zombie play. I already owe him a horror script, so I’m going to see what I can come up with while I also try this blogging exercise. So, I will be back to really kick this off after Game of Thrones on Sunday.


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